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Further education

Oulu Vocational College offer various kinds of futher education. Types of further education offered:

  • Preparatory education for vocational qualification and special vocational qualification
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Labour political training
  • Management and entrepreneurship training
  • Personnel training
  • Short courses

In OSAO, we have a versatile selection of contracts for organizing competence-based qualifications. Training programs are organized continually in different fields or they can be tailored company-specifically. We also offer a wide selection of trainings for licenses, permits and qualifications that are useful in the working life. In particular:

  • Metalwork and Machinery; Welding (IW workshop)
  • Automation and Electrical Engineering
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Safety and Security
  • Transportation
  • Processing and Chemical Engineering

Oulu Vocational College is a versatile apprenticeship training provider and the programs are executed in a large-scale cooperation with local and national educational organizations.

Modified: 27.02.2018