Preparatory Education for Vocational Training “TUVA”

The main aim of the preparatory education is to find the right vocational field for each student and to provide and prepare them with skills needed to start their studies at a vocational college.

Before starting upper secondary vocational education and training, immigrant students can complete a short period of pre-vocational preparatory education. The programme helps to improve Finnish language skills and other abilities needed for studying according to an individual study plan. The preparatory education period lasts from 6 and 12 months, and is conducted entirely in Finnish.

  • Every student gets an own individual study plan. The education includes career guidance, special needs support, study guidance, familiarisation with work life by visiting workplaces and carrying out on-the-job-learning (in workplaces)
  • It also includes familiarisation with vocational studies (different fields) at vocational colleges.
  • Students can also study mathematics, health education, languages (Finnish as a second language, English, Swedish)

The education lasts for one academic year (30-60 Competence points). The education is provided five days a week, 6 – 8 hours a day on average.

Please find more information on TUVA and the application procedure at Studyinfo

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We organise language tests for non-native Finnish speakers during the application period. Applicant’s Finnish language has to be at level A.2.2.

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