Oulu Vocational College / Erasmus+ / Nordplus
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The basis for internationalization is on qualitative development of teaching and learning. OSAO emphasizes educational internationalization according to the definition by the Ministry of Education and Culture in its actions.

International co-operation

Tens of foreign student and expert guests bring an international breath to the daily life of our vocational college every year. Internationalization here at home is encouraged through international student tutor activities and various theme days.

Hundreds of mobility are done abroad every year from OSAO. The college offers its students a chance to perform their on-the-job learning in Europe. Our staff can improve their professional and international skills in working life periods abroad. We also have several international projects that aim at enhancing professional skills and supporting life-long learning.

OSAO is part of European-wide Xarxa FP Network, which aims at developing and increasing mobility within vocational education.