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Pudasjärvi unit gets a horse simulator from England

The Pudasjärvi unit of OSAO has purchased a horse simulator from England. In Finland, a few entrepreneurs in the field have one already but other educational institutions do not yet. The cost of the simulator was 52 000 euros.

The simulator's movements resemble those of a real horse. You can follow the simulator's trotting, changes from trot to canter and dodges on a display. An interactive simulator and a display give feedback on the rider's movements, which enables the rider to improve his riding immediately. Also, the Film Me system is being used in horse management. A Film Me camera automatically follows the rider, so his or her movements can be analysed from the recording.
"In Pudasjärvi, our advantage is that we have good places for riding and trotting and a modern stable. Our learning environment is among the best ones in Finland", says unit director Elisa Laakso.

In the OSAO Pudasjärvi unit you can study to become a groom or a riding instructor. In the nationwide application period next spring, there are 18 study places available for the basic examination program. There are also 10 places for adults' competence-based qualification, to which you can apply throughout the year. There are altogether about 70 equestrian students in the Pudasjärvi unit, varying from youngsters coming directly from comprehensive school to adult learners.