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Construction site is a joint learning environment

Practical work is an integral part of vocational education. Students can practice working in real-life circumstances, for example in construction sites.

OSAO has multiple construction sites around Oulu, and at the moment altogether 13 houses are being built by students in Haukipudas and 9 in Kivikkokangas. A construction site is a joint learning environment where students from different study programs participate in the construction work. Although there are around 20 students in one study group, the amount of students at a construction site is hundreds. It takes about two years for one house to be built, depending on the schedules of the study groups. Long span of the process enhances safety; e.g. the concrete structures have enough time to dry.

For example, students of construction, logistics, electrical engineering, maintenance technology and upholstery all work on different stages of the process. Business and administration students can participate in the sales process when the houses are ready for sale. This way all the students in the process gain valuable experience of working together in a joint venture.

During the construction students learn the importance of quality and safe working methods. Teachers supervise their work and the houses have the same guarantee as any other builder’s house on the market.