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OSAO trains Indian champion for Worldskills

Himanshu Vohra arrived to Finland to train at OSAO for the WorldSkills 2019 competition. Sauli Jaara has a long experience in training skills contestants.

Himanshu Vohra arrived to Finland to train at OSAO for the WorldSkills 2019 competition. Sauli Jaara has a long experience in training skills contestants.

WorldSkills 2019 brings together competitors from more than 60 countries to compete in 56 skills in Kazan. The Indian champion of plumbing and heating, Himanshu Vohra, also aims to compete in Russia this August. That is why he is now training here in Oulu, Finland.

“I am very thankful for this opportunity and happy to get international experience.”

The 19 year-old plumbing student had never travelled overseas before flying to Finland at the end of January. Himanshu’s connection to Finland is OSAO’s Project Manager Sauli Jaara. Sauli trained Himanshu for his previous skills competition in India – which he also won.

“Sauli is such a great teacher who has excellent experience in plumbing and heating and world-class competitions.”

Himanshu has gotten a lot of credit in his home country. He started his competitions first by winning the championship of his own city, following championships of the state, region and the whole country. Next step is the WorldSkills.

“I am not nervous. I am very excited and grateful to gain knowledge and represent India.”

International cooperation

How did OSAO’s Project Manager first end up to India? One of the decision-makers of Himanshu’s college – Chidkara university – travelled to Finland to watch the Taitaja2018 contest in Tampere. There was a need for a plumbing and heating guru who could help with the training. Fortunately Sauli was the head referee at the contest – and so he was invited to India.

“I travelled to India for 10 days to train two contestants last Autumn. Himanshu was one of them and he was very motivated and dedicated.”

Sauli truly has a long experience in training skills contestants. His first WorldSkills competition was in 1999. There has been a lot of success during the years in this field.

“The best thing about skills competitions is that you get to see world-class skills continuously. It never gets boring.”

Luckily the Taitaja semifinals happened to be during Himanshu’s stay here in Finland. His trip started from Jyväskylä where he got to see the Finnish skills competition.

“I got to do the same assignment as the contestants which was really good training for me.”

Northern location brings extra challenge

The field of plumbing and heating is naturally quite different in Finland and India – thanks to the climate. There really is a big need of heating here in Finland and Himanshu has got new perspection to the field.

“The industry is huge in Finland. I really admire the way that everything is done pollution free and that we have so many tools here at OSAO.”

When Himanshu arrived to Finland it was -30 degrees. Besides the cold weather and plumbing Himanshu has had other Finland experiences – such as marveling the peaceful environment and snowy scenes.

”The best thing here are the people. Everyone is very friendly.”

Cold weather brings challenges to every Finn with their pipes at home. “A good way to ensure that the pipes won’t freeze is to run water with little pressure. If the pipes do freeze I don’t recommend trying to melt them on your own because it might be harmful.”, advices Sauli.

Text: Iida Latvala Photo: Jouni Ylisuutari