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Education export

OSAO Edu Ltd. offers capacity building and professional development programs for school leaders, principals, teachers and educators and training packages to student groups.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Ensuring Availability of Skilled Workforce

OSAO Edu Ltd. provides on behalf of OSAO visit and training packages to individual professionals and groups, who are interested in Finnish vocational education and training. The themes are, for example, operational culture, school management, learning environments, entrepreneurship, English language, work life collaboration or learning methods and teaching. OSAO Edu Ltd. offers also visit and training packages to student groups, who are interested in vocational education, English language and cultural exchanges in Northern Finland.


  • OSAO Vocational College is Finland’s biggest multidisciplinary Vocational College with 10 000 students and 935 staff members in Northern Finland.
  • OSAO is also IB World School.
  • OSAO takes part and has been successful in national and international skills competitions in several different fields. Entrepreneurship as a competition skill has been developed in OSAO.
  • The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has agreed that vocational education providers in Finland are allowed to export Finnish education. OSAO also has authorization to deliver official diplomas and certificates.

With OSAO Edu you will have an innovative learning experience while getting familiar with Finnish vocational education and training

Mr. Antti Rovamo
Managing Director
OSAO Edu Ltd 
tel: +358 50 560 8392
e-mail: antti.rovamo@osaoedu.fi

Mrs Merja Paloniemi
Senior Advisor, Education export
tel. +358 50 5949 182
e-mail: merja.paloniemi@osao.fi

We tailor the program to suit your needs. Here are some examples of the program.

Study visit to experts


21st century vocational education - Study visit at the Finland´s biggest vocational college

Come to beautiful Northern Ostrobothnia and have an innovative learning experience while getting familiar with Finnish vocational education! Learn about Finnish education system in practice by having a hands-on experience: school visits, peer observation, experimental learning, pedagogical strategies and much more! This one-week course is suitable for principals, decision makers, administrators, teachers and educators interested in vocational education.

Location: Finland: Northern Ostrobothnia: Oulu region and Lapland: Rovaniemi

Duration: 1 week

Availability: during the Academic School year August-May

Group size (min/max): 20-25 persons


Day 1, Monday

  • Welcome to OSAO
  • Introduction to Finnish education system; getting familiar with early childhood education and comprehensive school, meeting with OSAO practical nurse students, educators and teachers
  • Overview to general upper secondary school and vocational education; examples of IB career-related programme
  • Overview to university and university of applied sciences studies; a peak to teacher training
  • Lunch
  • Particularities of vocational education: competence based learning, vocational units, vocational skills requirements and assessments of competence, collaboration with work-life etc.
  • Getting to know Oulu with our students: visit Nallikari beach, Ainola Park or other places of your choice and enjoy seasonal activities

Day 2, Tuesday

  • Visit the premises and meeting with the students and educators of the field of vocational education of your choice at OSAO (e.g. metalwork and machinery, processing industry, social and health care or construction)
  • Lunch
  • Practical lessons (of e.g. construction, metalwork and machinery, processing industry, social and health care) of your choice; getting start with the common project
    Workshops on themes e.g. education management, curriculum-leading process, pedagogical developing management, lifelong learning in work place
  • Tips to take a good photo in Finnish nature by OSAOs media assistant students
  • Evening activity: Bowling with OSAO students

Day 3, Wednesday

  • The use of ICT in education
  • Practical lessons of e.g. construction, metalwork and machinery, processing industry, social and health care of your choice; common project work continues
    Workshops on themes e.g. education management, curriculum-leading process, pedagogical developing management, lifelong learning in work place
  • Lunch
  • Visit to OSAO Muhos unit: Getting to know farm and domestic animals
  • Preparing Wilderness meal at Finnish kota, activities depending on season: cross country skiing / snow shoeing / fat biking/ hiking/ berry picking/ mushroom picking by Matkajärvi lake

Day 4, Thursday

  • Presentation of the project work
  • Workshops on themes e.g. digital learning and media pedagogy, modern learning environments and pedagogy, learning material in online courses, developing cross-disciplinary courses
  • Lunch
  • Entrepreneurship in education: presentation and discussions, techniques and initiatives focusing on encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Visits to house construction, metal workshop or other on-the-job work place of your choice and meeting with student and educators
  • Evening activity: Finnish premier league baseball match (Oulun Lippo) + meeting with some of the players

Day 5, Friday

  • OSAO unit visit of your choice and meeting with the students
  • Lunch
  • Workshops on e.g. themes: sustainable well-being, wellness in school community, students’ welfare services and individual supporting, inclusion as a policy and practice, current issues in special education

Day 6, Saturday

  • Departure to Syöte fell area.
  • Nature school and phenomenal learning: Learning every man’s rights in nature path when walking/snow shoeing/ kick sledging in the forest
  • Lunch
  • Wilderness skills: making a product from natural ingredients
  • Visit to Forest Government’s visitor Centre or Husky Safari/ Skiing / Downhill skiing / Hiking
  • Accommodation in Syöte.

Day 7, Sunday

  • Departure to Rovaniemi
  • Visit Rovaniemi (Santa Claus village, Arctic Circle, Pilke Science Centre, some free time, shopping) including lunch at the Arctic Circle
  • Departure back to Oulu
  • Farewell party with activities

Camp School program for 16-19 year olds students


Santa Claus Acedemy Finland - Camp School program

Meet the Santa Claus and learn the Finnish lifestyle, natural and sustainable way of living, learning and doing in Oulu and Syöte – the southernmost fell area in Finland!

Program provides unique Finnish experiences in arctic nature with students. School Groups are welcome to learn traditional Finnish skills related to pure nature, wilderness, snow, berries & mushrooms and northern lights. All the activities are done in the cleanest air and nature in the world.

Santa Claus Academy consists of different activities and English language lessons. At the end of the program, Santa Claus will give the Official Santa Claus Academy Certificates to camp school learners in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.

The target group of this Camp School is 16-19 year old students.

Location: Northern Ostrobothnia: Oulu region, Pudasjärvi and Syöte fell area, Kuusamo. Lapland: Rovaniemi

Duration: 2 week

Availability: during the Academic School year, August-May, (except Christmas, Easter and other national holidays in Finland)

Group size (min/max): 15 – 25 persons

What is included: 14 days program and teaching including morning and afternoon lessons & materials, 8 x lunch at school, 2 x wilderness meal, tickets to Science Centre Tietomaa and Science Centre Pilke, Kemi Snow Caste, Ranua Zoo, and visitor programs at Pudasjärvi Log Campus, Outdoor Museum Turkansaari and Lovi Workshop. Transportation by bus to locations and back to Oulu within the program. Locations: Muhos, Kiiminki, Kuusamo, Ranua, Simo, Kemi, Syöte, Rovaniemi, Tornio. Students are joining the programs whenever it fits in their curricula. Accommodation, airport transportation and transportation to school and back to accommodation daily does not include the program.

Two Examples of a day at the camp school

Day 1

  • English language course
  • Lunch
  • Phenomenal learning (home economics/music/exercise/handicrafts/media workshop) together with OSAO student
  • Photographing in Finnish Nature together with OSAO Media students

Day 2

  • English language course
  • Lunch
  • Phenomenal learning (home economics/music/exercise/handicrafts/media workshop) together with OSAO students
  • Outdoor activities in Virpiniemi Sport resort / Outdoor museum Turkansaari in Summer time together with OSAO students


Coming up

Arctic Education Forum

Explore the Finnish education system and experience the Northern atmosphere in winter! In February 2020 Arctic Education Forum will bring you the latest insight into 21st century education and innovative educational solutions. The event offers an amazing opportunity to visit Finnish learning environments.

Arctic Education Forum 2020 is the perfect event for everyone in the education field to explore Finnish education system and get inspired.

Registration is now open! Ensure your attendance by booking your Arctic Education Forum 2020 ticket.