Merkonomi, Vocational Qualification in Business

Vocational Qualification in Business

Oulu Vocational College OSAO is offering a study programme in business delivered completely in English. After graduation you will be qualified to work in various business-related jobs such as customer service, sales and marketing communications in international environments.

Career and studies

After graduation you will be qualified to work in various business-related jobs such as customer service, sales and marketing communications in Finland or abroad.

The programme includes International Baccalaureate career-related studies (IBCP). Our internationally geared study programme gives you both globally valid working life skills and academically challenging study component that improve s your thinking skills and intercultural understanding.

Kaksi logoa. Ensimmäisessä sinivalkoisella pohjalla kirjamet i ja b, toisesa sama pyöreä sinivalkoinen merkki IB-kirjaimilla ja teksti Career-related programme.

Employment and opportunities for further studies

The course of study provides you with vocational as well as language skills that are an advantage when working in international business environments.

Vocational qualification gives students eligibility for further education in universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland. As a result of IB career-related studies you will be well-prepared for applying to higher education.

Read more about IB Career-related studies

Information about applying

Who can apply

This program is for those who have completed basic education (approximately nine years) with a good command in English language and are without completed vocational qualification.

Upper secondary or higher education graduates can be accepted only in exceptional case if there are free study places.

We can yearly accept a few applicants without the Finnish national qualifications in basic education. In this case we require that the applicant has the necessary capacity to study in the programme and also has a well grounded reason to study in Oulu Vocational College.

Foreign applicants under 18 years old must have a legal guardian living in the Oulu area.

Read more information about qualification at Studyinfo.


How to apply

Due to coronavirus situation we have to make changes in our students admission process.

We will not invite applicants outside of Finland to the entrance examination held on 7 May.  We inform applicants outside of Finland about the changed admission process by email.

There may be other changes in entrance examination arrangements. We will inform applicants living in Finland about the changes after 14 April by email.

  • Read the applicant’s quide before filling in the application form.
  • Fill in the online application form. The application form is available during the application period from 18 February to 10 March and closes on the last day of application at 15:00 Finnish time.
  • Attach copies of the school and work experience certificates to the application form or deliver the documents by email to by 20 March 2020.
  • If you are graduating from a Finnish comprehensive school (peruskoulu) in the spring 2020, deliver a photocopy of the school certificate by 8 June 2020.
  • Invitations to entrance examination are sent to all invited applicants by email.
  • The entrance examination is arranged on 7 May 2020 in Oulu. We cannot arrange any entrance examinations via Skype.
  • The results of student selection will be published 11 June 2020 at the earliest.
  • Studies start in August 2020. All selected students must bring their original documents to be verified on the first day of their studies.


Delivery address for the documents

OSAO, Kaukovainion yksikkö, palvelut
Kotkantie 2 C
90250 OULU

Documents by email to


Planned duration of studies

Planned duration is three years.


Selection criteria

Admission points are awarded for general academic success, for work experience and for entrance examination result.

Some applicants can be accepted in discretionary selection. The reasons for discretionary selection are e.g. difficulties in determining the applicability of certificates (applicants without the Finnish national qualifications in basic education).

If you have the required amount of points but lack sufficient readiness in oral and written communication in English, you cannot be admitted to the study programme.


Structure of studies

Vocational units 145 competence points(cp)

Compulsory vocational modules

  • Customer Service, 20 cp
  • Profitable operation, 20 cp
  • Acting in a work community, 15 cp

Optional vocational modules

  • Sales, 30 cp
  • Event production, 15 cp
  • Planning a business, 15 sp
  • IBDP Business and Management, SL, 15 cp
  • IBDP English B, SL, 10 cp
  • IBCP Reflective project, 5 cp

Common units, 35 competence points


Cost of studying

Education is free. You have to have an own laptop and you buy the books yourself. In addition, IB examination fees round 200 euros.


Further information

Tiina Karvonen, Head of Department
+358 50 462 4720

Niina Miettinen, Study Councellor
+358 40 141 5317



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