Oulu in a Nutshell

The magical summer when the sun never sets and the breathtaking winter scenery when the sea freezes and turns into a winter playground. This is Oulu.

Oulu is lively and easygoing city where you can spend a day full of activities and experiences and enjoy tranquility in the beautiful nature.

Oulu, the fourth largest city in Finland is located in the Gulf of Bothnia. Oulu Region has about 250 000 locals and it’s the most popular student city in Northern Finland. Oulu is well known for its technology and modern business, high-class services and strong economy but it’s also the city full of culture and unique arctic nature of the North. The city offers a variety of experiences, cultural sights, several restaurants, cafés, shopping malls, boutiques and over 700 events every year. Oulu is easily accessible from all directions.

Did you know that

  • one of the most popular and widely known event in Oulu is the Air Guitar World Championships
  • Oulu is known for its year-round cyclists
  • The name Oulu comes from a word in the Sami language meaning floodwater

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