Applying to OSAO

You are welcome to apply for a studying place at OSAO if you can speak Finnish well enough to be able to follow lessons in Finnish.
Read more about our language skill requirements here. The content of the page is in Finnish.

In the study field of Business and Administration, we offer a three-year International IB Career related program. This program is taught entirely in English.

Before starting upper secondary vocational education and training, immigrant students have the possibility to complete a short period of pre-vocational preparatory education. The program helps to improve the students’ Finnish language skills and other abilities needed for studying according to an individual study plan.

You can apply to OSAO through two different procedures

The secondary education joint application procedure that takes place annually in February or March. The joint application procedure is for applicants with no further education than comprehensive education. Applications are sent through

The rolling admissions procedure is for applicants who have

  • either completed the general upper secondary education syllabus or the matriculation examination
  • either a previous vocational qualification or work experience from the field of education they are applying to.

The application periods in rolling admission vary depending on the field of vocational qualification. Applications are sent through our website.

Iso valkoinen nuoli osoittaa oikealle

If you need help with applying to OSAO, please contact

OSAO Ovi Admissions Services
Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu, Finland, +358 40 8266 060