Tummahiuksinen nainen, jolla on pitkät hiukset ja tummahiuksinen parrakas mies hymyilevät leveästi.


A couple hundred foreign students and expert guests bring an international breath to the daily life of our vocational college every year. Internationalization here at home is encouraged through international student tutor activities and various theme days. OSAO offers also study periods in companies abroad.

Hundreds of mobilities are done abroad every year from OSAO. The college offers its students a chance to perform their on-the-job learning in Europe. OSAO supports the students’ periods abroad financially as well as with Erasmus+ project funds and OSAOs own funding.

Our staff can improve their professional and international skills in working life periods abroad. We also have several international projects that aim at enhancing professional skills and supporting life-long learning.

OSAO is part of European-wide XARXA FP Network, which aims at developing and increasing mobility within vocational education.

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Our main goal of international projects is to enchance professional skills and supporting life-long learning. International projects enable development work with our foreign partners. We also support many of our student and professional mobility periods with the help of project funding. We have experience of coordinating and participating as partner in Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius and Nordplus projects.

If you are interested in collaboration with us, please contact our international affairs coordinator

Ms Mirja Hietala
+358 40 167 9028

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If you have any questions about visiting OSAO, collaborating with us or anything else, our international coordinators are here to help you.

International affairs coordinator

Ms Mirja Hietala
+358 40 167 9028

Unit-specific international coordinators

Unit-specific international coordinators can be found on the Units’ website.