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Skills competitions

Oulu Vocational College OSAO takes part in international competitions in several different fields. 

The Euroskills competition, organized in even years, has usually received from 4 to 6 competitors and experts from our school. The skills in which we have participated are Transporting Technology, Housing Construction, Plumbing, Beauty Therapy, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Electronics and Welding.

We have taken part in World Skills, organized in odd years, in much the same way, with 4 to 6 competitors and experts. In the WSC, we have participated in the fields of Electrical Installations, Housing Construction, Plumbing, Car Painting, Beauty Therapy, Caring and MTC (Manufacturing Team Challenge).

Our objective is to create international contacts and get exchange places abroad to our students as well as to the teachers. We also receive incoming student and teacher exchanges to study in different programs at OSAO.

Skills contact person in OSAO

Mr Sauli Jaara, sauli.jaara@osao.fi 
tel. +358 50 514 0851

Skills Finland

Skills Finland is a non-profit organisation promoting excellence in skills. The objective is achieved through skills competitions and by training and coaching young professionals, competition specialists and trainers. Skills Finland works in close partnership with all the stakeholders sharing the same objectives and values.

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Modified: 02.03.2018