Oulu Vocational College / OSAO

Oulu Vocational College is one of the biggest vocational colleges in Finland. The regional units of Oulu Vocational College are located in six municipalities in the Oulu region: Kempele, Liminka, Muhos, Oulu, Pudasjärvi and Taivalkoski.

Professionals for Work Life Needs

The Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (OSEKK) organizes work life-oriented educational services in the Oulu and Koillismaa regions. The educational services are carried out by the Oulu Vocational College OSAO.

The main objective of vocational education is to provide students with the skills that improve their employability. More than 10,000 people study at the multidisciplinary OSAO, and around 2,700 professionals graduate successfully every year. In terms of appeal, scope of operations and results, OSAO ranks among the top vocational colleges in Finland.

Oulu Vocational College OSAO

OSAO arranges training in the fields of:

  • natural sciences
  • natural resources and the environment
  • culture
  • tourism, catering and domestic services
  • social services, health and sports,
  • technology, communication and transport sector and
  • business and administration.

Oulu Vocational College continuously develops its training to better suit the requirements of the labour market.

Oulu Vocational College was founded in 1.1.2005 in its current form and it is part of the Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education (OSEKK).

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Oulu Vocational College in a Nutshell

  • Total number of students 14 000
  • Number of staff 935
  • Operating profit 85 ME